dancing as deer in boots of cocoons,
and dousing stars

I only understand bits and pieces, but the neurons aligned in this sweat lodge force my brain away from the scalding of my clavicle and throat to see only what they speak-

Our bodies are just the hulls of our souls, the shell of the seed of our inside and everything. The Earth and her espoused Sun, the Brothers and Sisters of North, East, South, and West, are the arms reaching to wrap the ribcage of the immediate Universe…

manyana manyana


Sulphur I


Skin like Hokkaido silk- I had planned on driving the pass at night. A stop at the bar I’ve seen a hundred times, on the side of the pink Hotel, on the side of the road, on the side of a mountain, made sure to change that. I wanted hot food, not the jerky
and water I’d brought to keep distracted. Before I’d finished the first page of the menu I could feel her on my brow, looking over the top of the page.

An empty pub is a strange paradigm. All you hear are the whispers of breath from the few others, the weather outside, the soft radio. Disquiet. Our eyes met, and I couldn’t help but smile at the first line to come silently into my head. What’s a pretty girl like you… What’s anybody doing here, really? When I laughed at my own dialogue I realized I’d yet to shift my eyes from hers.

Just passing through , she spoke suddenly from across the room. Strange. I stood and made my way to her small table. Her name turned out to be Iō, or at least that was the line she’d fed me. Like most things from strangers mouths, I have to take them at face value. I didn’t believe her, because I could feel the upset in the air around her.



Like a wounded animal- her red lips had rolled onto and over, and over, and over my body. Her breath was peppered with moans, it felt like she would bite into me if I would let her. My hands took what chances they had at her writhing body, she had toured my torso and cannon more than once, I could feel by her pause and hot exhale at the base of my cock that she was running out of patience. She made it clear to me what she wanted. Her makeup was everywhere- it was beautiful. Her brain and my bones painted those lines. The way her eyes had spilled slightly when she gagged…and when they met mine so intensely it sent my knees up and my mouth open. I gave her what she wanted. She left me alone next to bamboo and mirrors, then came back naked with a cup of tea. She smelled like jasmine.

Of all things, it was watching the steam fly from the cup when she made the same exhale before she sipped. I was warm again, and my hands grabbed across her chest and under her chin.

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Nipple rings. I’ve been obsessed with them lately. The desire to impale something so sensitive tells of some beautiful neural highways I would love to drive. The vines on her dark skin crawled up the side of her breast, and from my position behind her, it tangled with my fingers, through her rings, and helped squeeze the way she liked it. I loosened my grip so that her breasts sat in my hand, and the sway from each thrust made her nipples brush my calloused palms, and they stiffened.

Because it was Her, I was in heaven. I wished I could slip my middle fingers through her rings and keep her captive. My face would land in her neck and my hip bones would lock into the dimples on her back. I would walk for both of us, carry her anywhere, and it would be worth it. White.



My keys stabbed into my back with every pump. The car was cramped, fogged, echoing moans and breath. Our clothes were still half on, her skirt was hiked and my jeans low, just enough to reach each other. My right hand was on her breast, her nipple rest between my middle and ring finger. They got hard when I would tell her how tight and satisfying she was, or when I spanked her through her skirt. I grabbed her ass with both hands, one of my fingers landed on the outside of her asshole. She loved the tease, and would bring her hips back on her downstroke to encourage me to move closer. I gave her another spank before reclining my seat and pulled her towards me. She smelled like patchouli incense, her olive skin was rippled with goosebumps. I could hit her sweetest spots like this, fast. I had her long ebony hair gripped and pulled so her neck bent and she faced upwards, her mouth blissfully hanging open. The most beautiful sounds came from the back of her throat, and I felt her torso pressing into mine like it always does before she comes. My biggest problem in bed is that the sound and feeling of her oncoming orgasm is what sets me off, and I have to fight to reach my own apex during of after hers. I grabbed her shoulder with the hand that was not wrapped in her hair, gripped, and pulled her body down, as deep as I could, before my body became it’s sentient self and forced my head back. My shoulders flex, my hands pulled her hair harder and gripped her body. Her nails dug into my neck and shoulders, and the chirps she let escape into my ear were even more satiating than my own pulsing muscles. I didn’t even notice the officers lights in the window.

knock knock

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The sun hurts my eyes. Our bodies were at war with each others, and completely in love with each other. Two like minds in an argument can be the most potent aphrodisiac. We wrestled and I held her down until she pushed back hard enough, and I had my own hands pinned while she rode me with the most beautiful snarl and crystal beads of sweat on her face.

She was so wet, it was on my thighs. I pulled my hands from hers and gripped her waist, held it still, and thrust fast, relentlessly. She came. I came. We slept.



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