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Galapagos II

Having both been partially unclothed downstairs, our hands wasted no time. Hunter had an incredible ass, a tucked, spotless pussy, and an arguably-virgin asshole made my heart beat faster and my eyes narrow. I bent her forward, she was an incredible collage of shapes and lines and skin. From behind her, I pulled her wrists through her legs with one calloused hand. Her shoulders sunk with her arms, arching her back even further and spreading her legs another spectacular inch, and I held them there. I started with soft, extended licks up the sides of her lips, past her asshole, then retraced my steps and started again on the opposite side. She was visibly wet, I loved it. I brought my thumb to her clit and began rolling at the knuckle, and stayed a soft pace until her fighting hips encouraged me to go faster. I dove my head between her legs and changed my thumb for my tongue, making small circles around the best pieces, and slowly sliding two fingers into her pussy. After her moans turned into sharp, urgent chirps nearing her first peak, I flipped her to her back and continued, until the moment she came, and her thighs shot to my ears and clamped my head in place while she shook and shuddered. We were both in heaven.


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