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I become aware at a moment where I’m up to my knees in glacial runoff, my rod high behind my shoulder at the line’s zenith, and my eyes are instinctively squinting at the dancing reflection of the sun. The fly skips over my head and floats to the water, landing where the sun floats on the river. At that my world and vision became red. Red like a fissure in the earth. Red somewhere between copper and crimson. Red like the sun beaming through the blood in your eyelids.

Ah, that explains it.

It’s December. I’m not fishing, I’m in bed. My legs have crawled from cover, there was never a river. My brain renewed the knot with the here and now, and I rolled over. No, I tried to roll over, but my shoulder is pinned. It’s that moment that I smell her. Feminine sweat and Tibetan incense, top notes of vodka and oil- all ingredients of the evening prior. I have a strict No Sleepovers rule (more because it distally defends my own self from the knowledge that I do sleep better with an intimate partner than anything else), the liquor had obviously gotten the best of us. She had found my protruding collarbones and made a pillow of them. The sheet had slid off most of her body, but wove through her legs and covered her front and shoulder. I could see the nylon rope from the past evening loosely wound around her exposed ankle. Her ass peeked from the opposite side, it was making me hard. Her knees cocked just right that her back arched slightly and her ass stuck out like an offer. I couldn’t help myself.

I pulled myself from under her. She stirred, but her mumbling was not of living lands. I climbed out from the blanket and over her body, then made myself comfortable behind her, my hands on her hips. I began dozing again, and in my lucidity my hands began to wander. My eyes were closed, but through my palms I could see the dimples of her back, the smooth curve of her ass, a scar between her shoulders, her tattoos. By the time my hands eventually creeped towards her front, I was fully awake, and hard. She was a heavy sleeper, and either hadn’t noticed my advance, or was privately enjoying my callouses scratching her softness. My fingers found the small strip of pubic hair she kept, and paused. I used the side of my hand to encourage her left thigh to part, to which it responded immediately. I had a feeling she was awake, but was enjoying this mutual fantasy too much to say anything.

With her legs now apart, offering, I traced the outside of her pussy with my middle and index fingers. I loved her shapes and bends, and the way her pubic strip felt on the webbing on my fingers was electric. I let my fingers slide between her lips, and it was obvious how wet she was. I pulled her hips back, and her body lifted enough that I knew she was now awake. I slid my cock between her thighs and let it rest, enjoying how her pussy gripped and waned in anticipation. Her hips began to sway, I could feel the head of my cock through her legs when my middle finger shifted and found her clit. Her breathing was shuddering and cooing, I knew she couldn’t pretend for much longer. I could feel the way she was swaying was trying to encourage me to enter, but my cock was tall enough that so long as I held her hips flush with mine, she couldn’t have it.

I decided I would see how far she would like to take this pseudo-chemical bondage (sleep hormones are chemicals, no?) by catching her nipples between my fingers and pinching. She inhaled deeply, I knew she loved that. Feeling the skin of her back against my stomach, her hips gyrating against my own, our legs wrapped around each others, her overflowing wetness now coating my cock, I couldn’t wait any longer. I rolled her to her stomach, and the way her arms adjusted from under her and cocked against the headboard let me know she was ready, and was expecting it to be hard. I put each palm on a handful of her ass, spread to my favourite view, and drank her in for a moment. She was supposed to be sleeping, I could take all the time I wanted. It took everything I had not to spank her into consciousness, I instead licked her, spreading her pink lips and reaching her clit with my tongue, then quickly into her hole and over her ass. The way she pressed herself against my face when I did this made my spine shiver, and I re-indulged over and over. Once my stubble had soaked in enough of her, and I could hear her muffled moans into the pillow (I wonder if she thought that was working), I slid into her. My hand gripped the back of her head and as I pressed it down into the pillow, I could feel her smiling cheek pushed against my thumb. I had no restraint in my thrusting. My balls pressed hard against her clit with each push, and she reached a hand through her legs to cradle them. When I had her pinned like this, I loved to press my whole member into her and take short, powerful thrusts. These bouts always make her cum over and over.

The stain from her dripping on the sheet was all the permission I needed. I wrapped both of my hands around her neck, my fingers lacing over and gripping her throat. On my final thrust I exploded inside of her. She moaned from her pressed throat, pushing her hips against mine, pulling me deep and accepting my cum with gratitude. I could see her eyeliner smeared on the pillowcase. It set off my orgasm even further, the muscles in my back and arms and abdomen pulsing and releasing, washed in euphoria, taking over.

Our blood cooled, she fell back asleep. I laid on my back, and she had rediscovered my bones. Her ass peeked from the covers, it was making me hard. Her knees cocked just right that her back arched slightly and her ass stuck out like an offer. I couldn’t help myself…


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