Like a wounded animal- her red lips had rolled onto and over, and over, and over my body. Her breath was peppered with moans, it felt like she would bite into me if I would let her. My hands took what chances they had at her writhing body, she had toured my torso and cannon more than once, I could feel by her pause and hot exhale at the base of my cock that she was running out of patience. She made it clear to me what she wanted. Her makeup was everywhere- it was beautiful. Her brain and my bones painted those lines. The way her eyes had spilled slightly when she gagged…and when they met mine so intensely it sent my knees up and my mouth open. I gave her what she wanted. She left me alone next to bamboo and mirrors, then came back naked with a cup of tea. She smelled like jasmine.

Of all things, it was watching the steam fly from the cup when she made the same exhale before she sipped. I was warm again, and my hands grabbed across her chest and under her chin.


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